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New solution for precise and more efficient dispensing

METER MIX® introduces the new PAR 3CM – an upgradeable and easily operated metering and mixing machine for various applications.

With the PAR 3CM, METER MIX® Systems introduces a new model to its line-up of precision piston pump metering, mixing and dispensing machines. The PAR 3CM is characterized by precise dispensing and upgradable features, together with ease of operation - all for a wide range of applications, for example component bonding, electronic potting, casting, moulding or brush setting. The machine can process materials from low to medium viscosities such as polyurethane, epoxy and silicone. The PAR 3CM benefits from the latest in-line drive technology of the standard PAR 3C and builds on this with the fitment of a “modular platform”.

The PAR 3CM metering and mixing machine has been specifically designed and manufactured to incorporate a variety of options, which can be quickly and easily fitted, bringing benefits in flexibility and reduced build times. The Omron PLC and 5” colour touchscreen is pre-programmed to accept a number of modularised features, like heating, agitation and level-sensing.

This effectively enables the user to add or remove functions by simple “plug-n-play” connections. Another benefit of this “modular” system is that retro-fitting options (maybe through a material change) can be simply added at a later stage.

The machine also incorporates the additional benefit of automatic shot size control. Whether dispensing 5g or 500g, the PAR 3CM will accurately dispense the required volume without the need for calculation. The required shot size is simply input into the touchscreen, and the PAR 3CM takes care of everything else.

For the full PAR 3CM machine specification and capability, please contact a member of our sales team to find out more about this, or any other system within the Meter Mix Systems range.