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Successful launch into North America

Distributor Welcome & Training at the new US-headquarters

As an established UK-based company with successful development in Europe, METER MIX® Systems now enters the US and Canadian market, strengthening its sales activities in North America. From the new US headquarters in Erlanger, Kentucky, the METER MIX® experts will advise and support our customers on metering, mixing and dispensing machine technology for two-part materials as well as for lubrication processes.

Recently, METER MIX® Systems US Inc. welcomed the new lineup of distributors with an intensive technical and sales product training. They arrived from around the USA and Canada at the headquarters in Erlanger, Kentucky. This facility houses our operations, inventory, service and demonstration labs.

The configured training sessions qualified our distributors with the technical knowledge, understanding on our METER MIX® Systems product portfolio, and application understanding. This includes operational, functionality and advanced features required for two-part metering, mixing and dispensing applications. After two days of extensive product training, our distributors with extended knowledge are ready to support and serve our North American based customers and prospects.

If you are interested in becoming part of our USA based team, then please do not hesitate to contact METER MIX® Systems US Inc. at sales@MeterMixUS.com.