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Welcome to our new website

Presentation of new corporate design

METER MIX® Systems presents itself from now on in a new corporate design. This includes besides new brochures especially a completely redesigned homepage. The clear and modern layout of the new website offers the visitors an excellent overview of the METER MIX® product portfolio.

With the Product Finder for METER MIX® machines, customers will be able to identify quickly possible solutions to their measuring, metering or mixing needs, whatever their industry and for any purpose listed within the product finder.

In addition, the customers will receive very comfortable contact possibilities to METER MIX® as well as information about the METER MIX® customer service, e.g. spares, trials, trainings or technical advice.

“We have set ourselves the goal to improve the METER MIX® brand for creating a homogeneous image”, says Managing Director David Johnson. “With the new design we would like to strengthen the recognition value of our brand and thereby push the worldwide expansion.”