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Distributor Training

Knowledge transfer for new and existing partners

METER MIX® Systems are pleased to have recently welcomed both existing and new worldwide distributors for advanced in-house Technical & Sales Training sessions. The delegates arrived at the METER MIX® Systems manufacturing facility in Rushden, UK from China, Italy, Benelux, Norway, Finland, Romania, Ukraine, Spain, USA, India, South Korea, Hungary, Turkey and Israel. These training sessions empowered our distributors with the knowledge and understanding on the complete range of METER MIX® Systems equipment, including the operation, functionality and advanced features of the machinery.

As part of the HILGER & KERN GROUP, METER MIX® Systems are proud to welcome these new distributors into our organization, and are continuously looking to expand our global coverage in order to provide the very best "local" sales support and after-sales service.

If you are interested in becoming part of our worldwide team, then please do not hesitate to contact METER MIX® Systems, UK. For a full list of distributors, please click here.