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Machines for the processing of fluids and pastes

1K and 2K Dispensing Systems

Metering and mixing of epoxies, polyurethanes and silicones

We specialise in metering and mixing solutions for industries in which the production process involves potting, bonding, sealing, tooling or RIM. Our systems have two defining characteristics: They are easy to handle and ensure a high performance.

Which solution is the best for your application?
Different METER MIX® systems use different techniques for their operation. Our piston pump metering systems are used in shot dispensing applications. They control the volumetric mix ratio precisely, while incorporating single-acting adjustable shot volume metering. For continuous dispensing, the METER MIX® gear pump metering systems are the preferred solution. They offer precise, programmable ratio metering and constant flow dispensing. Machines from METER MIX® can process a broad spectrum of material viscosities in various types of application. All machines are available as benchtop or floor-standing versions.

Solutions for Potting, Bonding and Sealing

Your Advantages:

  • 30 years of experience
  • Easy to handle products
  • Suited to the needs of a wide range of applications
  • Durable and cost-efficient
  • Individual sales and service
  • Presence in more than 40 countries

Shot Metering – Piston Pump Technology

  1. PAR 3B

    PAR 3B

    The PAR 3B is the leading entry level model for dispensing accurate doses of mixed product within a wide range of applications.

  2. PAR 3C & PAR 3CT

    PAR 3C & PAR 3CT

    Both the PAR 3C & PAR 3CT piston pump metering systems incorporate precise volumetric fixed ratio metering.

  3. PAR 3CE & PAR 3CTE

    PAR 3CE & PAR 3CTE

    The  PAR 3CE & PAR 3CTE provide reliable dispensing with the added benefit of electric servo motor drive speed and shot size control via individual “recipe” inputs.

  4. PAR 3CM

    PAR 3CM

    The PAR 3CM has been specifically designed and manufactured to incorporate a variety of options, which can be quickly and easily fitted, bringing benefits in flexibility and reduced build times.

  5. PAR 4C & PAR 4CT

    PAR 4C & PAR 4CT

    The PAR 4C & PAR 4CT machines provide a reliable, advanced flow rate and ratio control characteristics during the dispensing process.

  6. PAR 4CE & PAR 4CTE

    PAR 4CE & PAR 4CTE

    The PAR 4CE & PAR4CTE ensure accurate and consistent processing of materials with high mix ratios or vastly differing viscosities.

  7. PAR 5C

    PAR 5C

    The PAR 5C incorporates robust and proven metering and mixing principles and provides the perfect solution to many applications.

  8. PAR 20 & PAR 20C/20CE

    PAR 20 & PAR 20C/20CE

    The PAR 20 & PAR 20C are specifically developed to process a wide range of high-viscosity material systems.

  9. PAR 20F & PAR 200F

    PAR 20F & PAR 200F

    The PAR 20F & PAR 200F machines enable high-viscosity materials to be processed directly from the suppliers container.

  10. PAR 200 & PAR 200C

    PAR 200 & PAR 200C

    The PAR 200 & PAR 200C will meter precise doses or accurate beads of mixed product within a wide range of applications.