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Completely at your service

Our production and distribution processes continue despite the Corona pandemic

The METER MIX® sales and service team is completely available for all customer demands in these challenging times. During the unprecedented coronavirus outbreak and national lockdown situation throughout the UK, METER MIX® maintained 100% factory operations and continued to work tirelessly throughout in order to meet our customers’ demands for machines, service and spare parts.

This continued effort ensures that the customers who remained open for business through these difficult times, were suitably supported in order to keep their business afloat. This level of commitment is demanded by METER MIX® customers and we are pleased to announce that together, we managed to end 2020 in a stronger position to move positively forward into 2021.

We have implemented all recommended steps to protect our employees and to minimize any risk regarding Covid-19. We are confident that the measures we have taken will enable us to take care about all customer requests.