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Efficient metering and mixing systems for electronic potting

METER MIX® offers flexible and reliable solutions

When processing two-component potting compounds based on epoxy resin, polyurethane or silicone, many factors are important. Both components have to be metered and mixed precisely. The material must have the right temperature and viscosity. Further, the formation of air bubbles in the potted material must be avoided.

METER MIX® offers metering and mixing systems that meet exactly these requirements and can be used to optimally encapsulate electrical and electronic components. "Our systems are robust and easy to handle," says Geoff Woolley, Chief Sales Officer at METER MIX®. "For this reason, even new users can learn all relevant steps quickly." The machine handling is intuitive, the material containers can be filled in just a few steps.  

"Our metering and mixing machines can be easily fitted with heated reservoirs, hoses and pumps to ensure correct temperature and viscosity of the materials in order to achieve an optimal potting process," says Mr. Woolley. In just a few steps, the metering and mixing machine can be configured correctly, effectively avoiding the formation of air bubbles in the potted material or in cavities around the component. Vacuum reservoirs can also be specified if the material requires pre-vacuum degassing prior to dispensing. The flow rate and shot volume can be individually adjusted. The material can then be potted manually with a hand gun, or automatically via a robotic applicator. Sensitive components are thus optimally protected against moisture, dust and damage.

Electronic Potting with Polyurethane

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