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2K Technology Product Training

Building an international network of experts

A two day-long training with focus on 2K technology METER MIX® took place on 11.-12. September. Representatives of both METER MIX® Systems and the HILGER & KERN GROUP were pleased to welcome twelve new distributors from Turkey, Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia and Germany in the GROUP’s headquarters in the German city of Mannheim.

In the course of the training lead by Mr. Geoff Woolley, Sales Manager at METER MIX® Systems, the participants gained an overview of the 2K product range, as well as a detailed insight into the functionality and operation of the individual machines. The group met also with Mr. Daniel Geier, Board Member of the HILGER & KERN GROUP. The event was part of the manufacturer’s aim to strengthen sales activities and customer service in Central and Eastern Europe after having made a successful entry onto the American market last year.

METER MIX® Systems are proud to welcome these new distributors into our organization, and are continuously looking to expand our global network of technology and sales experts in order to provide the very best local sales support and after-sales service. For a full overview of the global network, please click here.