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METER MIX® strengthens its sales activities in Europe

Excellent customer support for Italy, Germany and Czech Republic with new websites / Presence in more than 40 countries

As an established manufacturer of metering and mixing technology in the UK, METER MIX® Systems keeps expanding its presence on the European market. After making a very successful entry onto the American market over the last few months, METER MIX® have set their focus on strengthening sales activities and customer services in Central and Eastern Europe. The manufacturer’s metering, mixing and dispensing machines process both single and two-component materials such as epoxy, polyurethane and silicone in various applications such as bonding, sealing, potting, RIM and glazing.

Customers in Italy, Germany and Czech Republic can now benefit from the comfort of browsing the METER MIX® website in their own language. The homepage has as yet only been available in English, especially for the markets in Great Britain and the US. The complete METER MIX® product portfolio is presented along with extensive information about standard and optional features, technical specification and much more. Customers are also provided with useful application videos, tutorials and an encyclopedia of metering technology to help them make their decision.

METER MIX® strives to ensure excellent customer experience in all countries where it is present – more than 30 worldwide. An intrinsic part of this effort are dedicated sales teams with extensive machine and application know how. These will be looking after the complex needs of each customer, from consultancy and sales over to maintenance, repair and spare parts.