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METER MIX® presents the new PAR 20CE metering and mixing machine

A twin electric servo drive system ensures a total precision over flow rate, mixing ratio and shot size control

METER MIX® Systems have introduced a new model to its line-up of precision metering, mixing and dispensing machines. The new PAR 20CE machine benefits from the latest precise piston pump metering technology of the industry standard PAR 20C and builds on this with the fitment of a twin electric servo drive system.

The PAR 20CE machine improves upon the standard pneumatically operated drive unit (which originally incorporated an oil regulated hydracheck flow control system) in place of a much more accurately controlled twin servo drive system. This new system endows the PAR 20CE with total precision over flow rate, mixing ratio and shot size control, and enables “recipe” settings to be programmed into the machine.

The METER MIX® PAR 20CE now also comes complete with a colour touchscreen HMI input and can be easily integrated with a robotic applicator for accurate application of adhesive beads.

The metering and mixing machine offers solutions for various applications such as component bonding and sealing or glazing. Materials such as polyurethane, epoxy, silicone, methacrylate or polysulphide can be accurately and reliably processed.

For the full PAR 20CE machine specification and capability, please contact a member of our sales team to find out more about this, or any other system within the METER MIX® Systems range.